Brookside Veneers – Located in scenic Cranbury, New Jersey.

Our busy warehouse/corporate offices are always kept fully stocked – ensuring our customers that their selections are available for immediate shipment. We are constantly evolving to better meet the demands of a changing and growing market place. Brookside has dedicated itself to becoming the most “user-friendly” provider of quality architectural wood veneers. We are committed to our customers and are always reinvesting in Brookside to make it your “single veneer source.Whether you are an automotive designer or manufacturer, our woods are the perfect answer for creating original projects”

We have recently upgraded our computer systems, and are currently improving our web site to better assist and inform viewers. We are always improving organization and increasing efficiency which results in faster service and better prices for you. Also, Brookside recently announced its digital “E-veneer” service – the ability to quickly e-mail digital photos of entire veneer sheets (especially useful for natural flitch stock).