Veneer Cutting Methods

Rotary Cut

The log is mounted centrally in the lathe and turned against a razor sharp blade, like unwinding a roll of paper. Since the cut follows the log's annular growth rings, a multi-patterned grain marking is produced. Rotary cut veneer is exceptionally wide.

Quarter Sliced

The quarter log or flitch is mounted on the flitch table so that the growth rings of the log strike the knife at approximately right angles, producing a series of stripes, straight in some woods, varied in others.

Rift Cut

Rift cut veneer is produced in the various species of Oak. Oak has medullary ray cells which radiate from the logs center. The rift or comb grain effect is obtained by cutting at an angle of about 15% off of the quartered position to avoid the flake figure of the medullary rays.

Half-Round Sliced

A variation of rotary cutting. Segments or flitches of the log are mounted off center on the lathe. This results in a cut slightly across the annular growth rings, and visually shows modified characteristics of both rotary and plain sliced veneers.

Plain (Flat) Sliced

The half log, or flitch , is mounted with the heart side flat against the flitch table of the slicer and the slicing is done parallel to a line through the center of the log. This produces a distinct figure.

Types of Veneer Matching




Balance Match

Book & Butt Match

Herringbone Match

Diamond Match

Reverse Diamond

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