Brookside Veneers Ltd. was founded in 1973 to service the architectural community with high quality exotic wood products. Our stated intent, as shown in our mission statement, is to provide the best possible product, service, and quality. The success of this approach has allowed us to expand into the furniture, door, and cabinet industries as well.

The advent of systems furniture, in both contract and residential areas, created a demand for defect-free veneers with consistent grain and color. Our solution was BROOKLINE® VENEER, and for twenty years furniture systems have utilized BROOKLINE® VENEER as a unifying decorative wood element. And, since its introduction, we have expanded the Brookline family of production to allow complete integration of all wood elements in a project, including doors, panels, furniture, and millwork. Our intent is to offer designers complete flexibility in their project planning.

Our busy warehouse/corporate offices are always kept fully stocked – ensuring our customers that their selections are available for immediate shipment. We are constantly evolving to better meet the demands of a changing and growing market place. Brookside has dedicated itself to becoming the most “user-friendly” provider of quality architectural wood veneers. We are committed to our customers and are always reinvesting in Brookside to make it your “single veneer source. Whether you are an architect, interior designer or manufacturer, our woods are the perfect answer for creating original projects”.

We are always improving organization and increasing efficiency which results in faster service and better prices for you.

Recent Projects

L. Ron Hubbard College
Paneling, Furniture, Fixtures
Location: California

Newark Airport Terminal C
Paneling, Fixtures, Kiosks
Location: Newark, New Jersey

Philadelphia Courthouse
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Cole Hahn Shoe Stores
Location: National

Clothing Store
Location: National

California Pizza Kitchen
Location: Nationwide

Hilton Flamingo Hotel
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Hudson News
Paneling, Fixtures
Location: New York City & Chicago

Salvation Army
Location: San Diego, California

Radisson Hotel Apparel Store
Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan

River Park Café Food Court
Location: Spokane, Washington

Dearborn Civic Center
Doors, Paneling
Location: Dearborn, Michigan

Polo Towers
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Zaks Restaurant
Fixtures, Paneling
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Maki Maki Restaurant
Location: Irvine, California

Logan Airport
Interior Surfaces of Airport
Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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