Designer Collection by The Campana Brothers

The amazing wonders of the Amazon have inspired the Campana brothers to create the textures of the new ALPI Piaçava and ALPI Pirarucu veneers.

The first is based on the Piaçava, the local name of a coconut palm native to the Amazon that reaches heights of 15 meters, whose particularly strong fibers are used to build the roofs of huts – hence the particular filament-like texture of the new ALPI Piaçava.

Pirarucu, on the other hand, is one of the world’s largest freshwater fish species, also typical of the Amazon River. The name, again from the Tupi language, means “fish (pirá) red (arucu),” referring to the color of its scales, which are mostly silver but become reddish towards the tail. Belonging to the osteoglossomorph (bone-tongued) family, dating back to over 100 million years ago, these fish can be seen as living fossils and stand out for the particular formation of the scales, used by local craftsmen, which the designers have reproduced in this new texture for ALPI

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