Eco-Friendly Veneers

Eco-Friendly Wood VeneersSaving the planet is no longer a politically correct cause we may choose to consider. Environmental awareness is an urgent necessity we all must support.

The state in which we leave this planet to future generations is our responsibility — a responsibility which extends beyond clever t-shirts and recycled garbage. If the children of tomorrow are not to suffer the effects of careless waste and depleted resources, then environmental awareness must become a natural part of our everyday lives.

Brookside Veneers has maintained a strong commitment to the environment for over 30 years. The square tree pictured above exemplifies that commitment. In our quest for better and more efficient processing methods, we surmised that we could sustain greater yields from fewer trees… if only trees were square. Though we obviously couldn’t alter nature’s blueprint, our manufacturer implemented a unique method to create square logs – which results in the more efficient use of raw materials. Mother Nature couldn’t have planned it better herself.

From the harvesting and manufacturing processes we use to the recyclable paper products we purchase, our goal at Brookside Veneers is to ensure that the essence of nature can be enjoyed without harm to our environment.

Setting the Highest Production Standards

Working closely with Alpi, our primary manufacturer, we maintain advanced standards to help preserve wood resources for future generations. Through stringently supervised forest management programs and consultation with independent foresters, Alpi’s harvesting methods are monitored to ensure sustained yield management and minimal environmental impact. We maintain membership in many international organizations committed to better forest management and encourage our suppliers do the same.

Alpi is actively engaged in protecting and enhancing the land, water and air surrounding its facilities in Italy. The company has made substantial investments in state-of-the-art machinery and ventilation systems to reduce wood dust and fumes and preserve air quality. Effluent from veneer dyeing vats are piped to Alpi’s own treatment facility and processed into clean water. Innovative manufacturing assures maximum product yield and all wood scraps generated during the process are put to good use.

Suppliers operating their own concessions are subject to our extensive review of their long term forest management plans. To date, all of our suppliers follow (and usually exceed) government mandated forest regulations.

The bulk of our lumber and veneers are sourced from Europe and Africa. Purchases exclude woods harvested in violation of the CITES International Trade Agreement. We are active participants in the ITTO and support the organization’s goals.

Alpi has earned SGS and FSC® Certification for veneer items produced with Italian Poplar wood from agricultural plantations. This certification includes select patterns offered in our stock line.

Environmental Awareness in Every Aspect of Operations
Our commitment to the environment reaches beyond the standards we set for suppliers and the manufacturing processes we employ. Environmental awareness is something we strive to incorporate into every aspect of our lives.

We plant thousands of hardwood seedlings to aid forest regeneration. We also donate 1/2% of all designer-specified sales to organizations focused on promoting forest health and renewal.

Our environmental efforts are also evident in the many facets of our day to day operations. With the simple replacement of old light ballasts, we have dramatically reduced our energy consumption throughout our plants and offices. Ceramic mugs have replaced disposable cups, recycled bathroom tissues and paper towels have replaced virgin paper products, and recycled/recyclable packing/shipping materials are used whenever possible. The list goes on and on…

Even our promotional literature is governed by our strong conservation principles. Our brochure is printed on recycled (and recyclable) paper using vegetable-based inks and less toxic printing and production processes. Our graphic artists also keep a watchful eye focused on designing to minimize paper waste and reduce the long-term environmental impact of every promotional piece.

All of this from a company that offers the most extensive and consistent array of colors, textures and grains available for use in projects that demand the quintessential beauty of fine wood veneers. Brookside Veneers is not only committed to bringing you the essence of nature, but also dedicated to preserving the Earth’s natural resources for generations to come.

For additional information about our environmental policies and procedures or to learn more about the fine veneers available through Brookside, please contact us.

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