Ask any design professional and they’ll tell you the same thing: more and more people are demanding the look and feel of natural wood. Architects, interior designers, furniture designers, and woodworkers are all getting back to nature. That’s why, at Brookside, we keep expanding our commitment to providing you with the highest quality and widest selection of wood veneers in the country. We’ve been a leader in exotic veneers for over a quarter century, and the best is yet to come.

Innovative Products

At Brookside, we go to great lengths to understand our customers’ needs. That leads us to develop innovative new products to help you get the job done right.

Exotic Veneer Faces: The woodworking and laminating industries often demand panel and door-sized faces of exotic veneer — not only do the faces make working with veneer easier, they also make the finished product look better.

Edgebanding: A wide variety of new edgebanding lets you choose the thickness and pre-finished edge treatment to fit any project. Furniture and panel manufacturers especially appreciate the Brookside Thick Edgebandings, which work with different shapes and thicknesses of substrate materials.

Exotic Flitch Stock: Many of our woodworking clients find working with exotic flitch stock gives them the flexibility to perfectly customize certain projects. We carefully select flitches that fulfill the expectations of both the design professional and the woodworker.

Exotic Paperback: We offer a range of architectural grade veneers with a 10 mil paper backing. Flexed and sanded for easy handling, versatile paperback veneer can be laminated to curves for a beautiful effect. Other backings are available: wood back, 5 or 20 mil paper, and Polyflex.

Painting With Veneer


A Brookside Masterpiece: Of course you can’t actually paint with veneer, but don’t let that stop you from using our products creatively. With over 40 exotic species, and countless composite veneers, Brookside offers you a palette filled with options — from Carpathian Elm Burl to Figured Anegre — that can enhance any project.

A Brookside Masterpiece: Let your imagination run wild with wood. Anything is possible when you have Brookside on your side. Our veneer is backed by unmatched customer service, knowledgeable technical support, and a professional sales staff with the expertise to guide you to the veneer that will have just the right effect.

Expert Resource: Brookside has been in the exotic veneer business for decades, and we’re happy to share our knowledge. Our seminars, product literature, newsletter, and website are full of ideas and pointers for you. If you need more help, give us a call. Our customer service staff, sales people and technical support staff are all trained to give great advice.

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